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A New Century - A New Vision


"Real innovation only occurs when the status quo is rejected"

Water treatment is stuck.  Stuck with the same old technology that has been used  by companies, large and small, for  decades.

New names but the same old chemistry.

SWS of Texas pioneered the idea of minimizing bleed in cooling water systems while improving scale and corrosion control.

This technology is called "HEBC" or "High Efficiency Bleed Control". 

This 21st century technology was developed and perfected by SWS to eliminate the need for LSI and RSI calculations when determining how many cycles a cooling water system could safely carry.

HEBC provides the "greenest" cooling water treatment program available from anyone at any price!

If your company is wanting to conserve water while improving the performance of the cooling water systems, SWS has the answer.

"Problem Solving, Not Chemical Sales"

Innovation Is Not Dependent On Size


Some make the assumption that bigger is better. That may be true in certain situations, but in water treatment, not so much.

Customers today have discovered that a big name hardly ever provides real advances in water treatment technology.

New control equipment is great, but what about water conservation, such as major reductions in bleed rates for cooling water systems? Or the ability to remove deposits with normal operations?

If you have never asked these questions, maybe it's time you should!


Green Water Treatment


Being environmentally responsible isn't just words to us.  SWS of Texas has been  providing serious solutions to making cooling water safe for our rivers and streams for over thirty five years.

Today and in the future, SWS will continue to be the leader in water conservation and technology to keep our environment safe.

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